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YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker Version 4.2

Download a free Trial Buy Now for only $19.95! Visit Developer's Homepage

Main Features

As an easy text-to-speech technology solution, YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker (hereinafter called "Text to MP3") equips your PC with "lips", just like a human! Your electric text now doesn't have to keep silent any more! Whether your text format is txt, rtf, xml, eml or html, Text to MP3 will speak it loud and clear for you! More than that, Text to MP3 can also save its natual voice readings to quality-adjustable mp3, wav, wma or ogg files for playback on your iPod, Pocket PC, or any other portable music player.

  • Email reading supported
  • Both SAPI 4 and 5 Engines supported
  • Web Brower and web text speaking feature is supported (need IE)
  • Convert Text to Speech/MP3/Wave/OGG/WMA: full text or just selected parts, quickly and easily
  • Support English, French and German languages
  • Support Multiple File Selection
  • Support ID3 Tag for MP3 File (you may add such info as Author, Year, etc. into MP3)
  • Speak any text aloud directly (3 basic voices with installation, you may add more voices later)
  • Support XML tag for adding Emphasis Tone for selected words
  • Support XML tag for adding Spell-out mark for selected words (word will be read letter by letter)
  • Start to speak at any place where mouse cursor is
  • Rich Text Editor: full editing featurs supported, including New'n'Save, Find'n'Replace, Text formating, alignment, Color settings, etc
  • Can change the voice volume and speed when speaking
  • Support punctuation reading

Why should I buy it?

To make it simple for you to decide whether give it a try, here is a list that Text to MP3 can help you easily do:

  • enjoying a natural voice reading of your reports, novels, ebooks, emails, or web pages
  • saving natural voice reading to mp3, window media audio, wave or vorbis ogg format
  • proof-reading of your own writings, with the help of Text to MP3's rich text editing feature
  • making audio books for children or visually-impaired people
  • learning English or other foreign languges (10 languages available)
  • creating audio messages for your web page or report or presentation
  • making data entry much easier with a natural voice telling you what to input
  • and many more usage you can imagine...

As a registered user of our natural voice reader, YeoSoft Tex to MP3 Speaker, for only 19.95 USD, you would be able to:

  • get rid of the purchase reminder each time you open the program!
  • lift the 500-character text input limitation!
  • lift the 10-use expiration limitation!
  • get life-long FREE upgrades in the future!
  • unlimited technical support from author!

Still hesitating to buy it? Doesn't matter, you can try demo version for FREE, a fully functional version but limited to 10-time uses for your evaluation, so that you can have a direct impression on what Text to MP3 features without paying any penny. Whether a student, teacher, writer, reporter, speaksperson, clerk or lawyer, you will find it worthful to give this wonderful text to speech conversion tool a brief try!

NOTE: To run Text to MP3, please also install either SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 engine (or both), which includes some free voices in English. To use other languages, please download the setup file of that language and install it.

System Requirements

  • Pentium II or above.
  • Windows 95 or above.
  • Microsoft SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 TTS runtime engine.
  • Additional voice engines (Besides runtime engine, for each language you need to install a specific engine).
  • Sound card



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